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The Green Academy is a focus program at Santa Barbara High School. Our goal is to encourage environmental stewardship, foster scholastic achievement, support community involvement, and develop a deep understanding of local ecological issues.

We are actively building a succession of courses and projects to offer our students an articulated program that will propel them into their chosen pursuit, be it academic or vocational. Students are invited to participate in the Academy’s current offerings: FoodLab, AP Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, our Independent Studies Projects and Internships, or any of the courses in our new STEM pathways



APES '15 Your World projects:
Trash Talk
Dons Dishes
Erase EWaste
Rain Campaign
Find out more about the assignment, including previous years' projects, by clicking here

Small Scale Food Production
offers students a fundamentally applicable and unique experience: practical and sustainable food production. Read more here >>

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