10 Ways That YOU Can Help Clean Our Coast

1.) Pick up your trash.

2.) Clean up after your pets in your backyard and on walks. Pet waste pollutes the ocean and takes oxygen from the ocean.

3.) Buy a lunchbox instead of using paper or plastic bags. Chemicals in plastic pollute the ocean and sea creatures get caught in the trash.

4.) Walk, ride a bike, or skateboard, rather than drive. The oil from cars pollutes the ocean.

5.) Take shorter showers.

6.) Throw away any trash you see on the beach.

7.) Don't buy fish from a pet store. Fishing methods damage the ocean.

8.) Eat less fish. 90% of the fish that used to be in the ocean are gone.

9.) Turn off your lights and computers at night. It takes a lot of energy to leave them on, even when you aren't using them.

10.) Recycle