Time: 6th Period (2:03PM-3:00PM) @Santa Barbara High School

-Senior lot May 23rd

-Staff lot on May 28th

-Junior lot on may 30th


Lesson Plans
Younger Audience
When we waltz in, we are going to say our names, explain the project, and then say what we are going to do. That includes activities and what they are supposed to represent. For the activities, we will have a backpack relay race, which consists of text books in backpacks. We will have kids line up on a field and run as fast as they can to the finish line. This is supposed to represent how more weight slows down movement which will be explained to the kids. Next up we'll have a sand race, where two students will be picked. One will run in the sandbox, the other next to it. This shows how flat tires can take up more energy to move while pumped ones do just fine! The last activity is the leaky relay race, which is where the class will split into two groups and then two lines across a field. Both groups of students will have cups with holes in them to show wasted gas as they run. One group will have a lid or cap while the other does not! So when they are running to a finish line, the one with the cap will have lost less water than the one without the cap. We will have a 'gas station' for kids to refill their water midway between the finish line. This activity is to show how cracked gas caps can let more fuel leak out.


Older Audience
So for the older audiences, we will go through the same process and speak and introduce ourselves. Then our first activity will begin, which is the leaky cap activity. The class will be split into groups with plastic bottles with their caps poked through. The class will be given materials to try and fix the cap. When we have told them to stop, we will give them a new cap. This activity shows how a new gas cap helps stop leakage. Our next activity is the rolling relay race, where students will be split into to groups. They will sit down on asphalt and be told to roll a ball from one student to the other. One ball will be flat, the other pumped. This activity is to show that pumped tires move faster while flat ones do not. Our last activity is the blob. Two groups of three students will hold hands while other classmates try to run by without getting caught. They will notice that with the more people in their blob, the harder it becomes to catch other students. This activity is to show how extra weight slows you down.


MPGreen 2012