Dons Against Drought



Dons Against Drought
“Saving SB, one drop at a time.”

Marketing Plan

1.      Deliver water- saving Kits/Baskets with:
·               Informational pamphlets
·               Toilet leak tabs
·               Reusable water bottles (with our logo)
·               Refrigerator magnets
·               To-Do list note pad
·               Shower timer clip

2.     By Request we will provide:
·               Free city water audits
·               Low-flow showerheads
·               Mulch

3.     We will provide information about:
·               Greywater installation
·               How to perform basic leak checks
·               How to reset irrigation timers to save water

4.    Create an Elementary School contest to educate kids about Santa Barbara’s water systems and encourage them to save water at home.


Elevator Pitch

Dons Against Drought is combating the Santa Barbara drought by educating the public, distributing water-saving mechanisms to home owners, signing residents up for free city water audits, and working with local elementary schools to encourage domestic water conservation in the community.



Contact: Hannah Seabury                                         
Cell Phone: (805)-453-2422


Saving Santa Barbara One Drop at a Time

             Santa Barbara’s recent drought has been one of the cities main concerns for months, and has city officials and residents scrambling to find a viable solution. Since February, the city has urged residents to reduce domestic water use, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that the issue pushed its way into local headlines. On Tuesday May 20th, the city declared a Stage Two Drought, making a 20% cut in water usage mandatory effective July 1st. With the pressure to reduce water usage, or else face elevated water rates, Santa Barbara residents are eager for ways to cut their water consumption.

            In an effort to combat the Santa Barbara drought and assist residents in their conservation efforts, team of local high school students designed a project to conserve water in the city. These students formed Dons Against Drought, which is combating the drought by educating the public, distributing water saving fixtures to home owners, helping residents sign up for free city water audits, and working with local elementary schools to encourage domestic water conservation.

            Conservation can be a fairly simple task once the public is educated and equipped with the necessary tools to do so. By helping residents identify leaks in their homes and determine how much water they are really using, Dons Against Drought hopes to offer insight into how simple water conservation can be.

            If you are interested in learning more about Dons Against Drought, please visit The group will be delivering water-saving baskets throughout the city on Saturday May 31st and Sunday June 1st.           

Hi there! We're a student run organization from Santa Barbara High School and we were just hoping for a few minutes of your time. 

Dons Against Drought is a part of our class' AP Environmental Science final project. Our group is working towards local water conservation. Santa Barbara is currently in a Stage Two Drought, which means we, as a city, need an estimated 20% reduction in our water use. As Part of our project, we are distributing baskets, which include water saving materials and tools. The basket includes a flow bag, a shower card, a low flow showerhead, a shower timer, a magnet as well as a pamphlet; which includes information on our drought. 
Each basket is $.... and this is simply to cover the cost of what is included in the baskets, our group makes no profit from this project. We'd also like to offer you a low flow showerhead, mulch for your garden, or help you schedule a free city water audit. Thank you so much for your time!

•A stage 2 drought means stricter water rules and higher rated. 
•The city is requiring a 20% reduction in water
•50% of water in the city is used for landscaping
 •Irrigation is limited to evening/early morning hours 
 •No draining pools more than one third
 •Drought notices required in restaurants; water served on request only 
 •Vehicle/boats must be washed at commercial facilities that recycle water 
 •If this community can reach the 20% goal, we have sufficient supplies to get us through next year 
• Definition of grey water here**************

    •    Flow bags - calculate water flow rate gal/min
    •    Low flow shower heads-decrease consumption of water by 50 percent, a decrease that is likewise reflected in the utility bill.
    •    Shower timers- regulate the amount of water your family consumes for showering purposes
    ⁃    Means less usage of your tank water heater and lower energy bill
  • Shower card- to estimate how many gallons of water you use per shower
  • Toilet tabs- color the water in the toilet tank to reveal leaks