Dons Against Drought

The Project

Our Mission

Dons Against Drought is a group of AP Environmental Science students at Santa Barbara High School. We are working towards combating the local drought by educating the public on water conservation, distributing water saving fixtures and signing up homeowners for free city water audits. And we would love your help! Please contact us for more information on how to save water in home or if you would like a free water-conservation kit. Your participation is vital to the success of our project and this city!

Our Goals

Encourage the community to conserve water and assist them by providing water-saving kits that include: informational pamphlets, toilet leak detection tabs, shower timer clips and more!

Offer free city water audits, low-flow showerheads, and mulch to those who are interested to further help Santa Barbara residents with their conservation goals.

Provide information about greywater installation, performing basic leak checks, and resetting irrigation timers.

Reach out to Santa Barbara’s younger generation by visiting elementary schools to teach kids about Santa Barbara’s water systems and encourage them to save water at home.