School Visits

Our team visited local elementary school kindergarten classes to try to educate them about our project and how eating fruits and vegatables is healthy.


"Hi you guys! We are students from Santa Barbara High School. We are here to talk to you about our Environmental Science class project. Right now we are working on planting fruit trees around our school campus. This promotes healthy eating habits and a healthy mind."

–Explain our project, including what we are planting

–Show pictures of fruit trees and fruits and ask if the kids can identify them

–Ask if they know why eating fruits and vegetables is healthy

Benefits To Eating Healthy Food

Oranges and Citrus Fruits:Calcium in oranges keeps bones and teeth strong and the vitamin C in citrus is good for your body.

Apples:Eating apples helps your heart by making it healthier, and apples are also good for your immune system, and they make your teeth healthier.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can keep you from getting sick because of the healthy vitamins and minerals in them.

"Now that you know what an Edible Campus is, we are goign to give you some outlines of trees and you can color in the tree and draw the fruits growing on it"