Today there are an excessive amount of environmental problems occurring all throughout our planet. Many of these problems are often not recognized by others. Our third period end of the year project goal is to reach out the public ,along with other classes and teachers on campus that can help, to do something to help the environment. We are working to spread the knowledge of environmental issues and encourage individuals to take action that can help prevent these problems. To effectively address these issues to a large crowd of all ages, our class is creating short, educational videos about the problems our environment faces and possible ways to resolve them or to prevent them from getting any worse.

In order to achieve our goal, we are working to inform our communities, schools, and demographics of all ages. We plan on creating announcements/videos that will educate people about the serious problems happening to our environment and will inform them of ways they can help. Our project consists on using locations throughout the campus to shoot our films. We will be creating videos each week about the extensive problems.

Aside from these widespread videos and personal visits to classes, other methods of reaching to our audience include presenting our videos in classrooms that are studying relevant content, putting our clips on the SBHS bulletin and uploading our videos to our Enviro-Minutes Youtube channel. Lastly, our methods for fundraising our project includes us raising enough money through enough bake sales, and outside donations from students and parents.