Facts and Tips

Starting a home garden is easier than you think, all you need is good soil, sunlight, water, and a 5-gallon bucket. After you have these four necessities, it's time to choose what produce you want to grow. Some crops grow best in certain seasons, the table below outlines which crops will be the best for you.


Best Plants to Grow Season
Strawberries  Spring & Summer
Potatoes  Winter & Spring
Blackberries Spring & Summer
Raspberries Spring & Summer
Melons  Summer
Tomatoes Spring & Summer
Beets   Winter & Spring
Broccoli  Year Round
Brussels Sprouts Fall - Spring
Cabbage Fall - Spring
Radishes Year Round
Sweet Potatoes Spring
Zucchini Spring & Summer
Summer Squash  Spring & Summer
Hot Peppers Spring
Onions  Winter & Spring
Lettuce  Year Round


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