Checking Your Toilet for Leaks

Before you perform the following steps wait at least two minutes after the last flush.

-After you get a die tablet put it in your toilets tank

-Then wait for it to disolve

-Now see if there is blue water leaking into the toilet bowl

-If there is blue in the toilet bowl then you HAVE a leak!

Watering Your Garden

Soil Types:

Sandy- absorbs water quickly without puddling on surface. apply water frequently but in small doses, make sure to do it before the plant dries out in between watering sessions. don’t overwater it otherwise it will flood and pass the root zone.

Loam- absorbs water at an even pace. no special care needed.

Clay- absorbs water slowly, apply in prolonged sessions allowing the plant to dry a bit to reduce risk of over watering like soil.

Hydrozoning: planting similar groups of plants with similar water, soil and exposure needs.

There are 3 hydrozones which are the following:

High water users- lawns, annual flowers, vegetable gardens. (demands lots of irrigation)

Moderate water users- some supplemental water, not as much as the first hydrozone.

Low water users- Native plants, minimum water use needed.

Common sense comes into play when watering, Use more water in hotter seasons and less in coler seasons.

Easy hand watering:

Quick Couplers- attach to faucets, both ends of the hose. On-off timers- helps keep track of setting time limits to prevent overflowing. Hose Y’s- turns one faucet into 2 or more. Portable sprinklers- Different spray methods, Oscillating, Rotating, Impulse and Traveling. Control Valves- helps water from reverse flowing.

Agencies Involved Directly in Water Supply are:
State water project, cachuma project, urban development management plan, urban water conservation council member, and groundwater management plan or adjudication. Of the 18 water supplier districts only the City of Santa Barbara, Goleta Water District, and Carpinteria Valley Water District are involved in all of the water management programs in use right now (montecito water district is involved in all but the groundwater management plan).

Recent per capita residential water demand by service area average daily per capita water use* Based on total residential use** (gallons/person/day)
Santa Barbara: 2001= 113.3 . Average for all 18 areas in 2001= 179  2010= 110.7 . Average for all 18 areas in 2010= 167. Our heighest water use amount was in 2007 where we used 135.2g/p/d and the average was 191.