Natives for Natives

We plan to upload a more comprehensive list of native plant species shortly.

Native Species

Plant Name Characteristics
California Dutchman's Pipe characteristics
Canyon Silver Island Snowflake characteristics
Island Pink Yarrow characteristics
Maritime Ceanothus characteristics
Louis Edmunds Manzanita characteristics
Pacific Mist Manzanita characteristics
Dudleya Brittonii characteristics
Silver Carpet Branching Beach Aster characteristics
Leatherleaf Coffeeberry characteristics
Santa Cruz Island Buckwheat characteristics
Point Sal Sage characteristics
Red-flowered Buckwheat characteristics
Saint Catherine's Lace characteristics
Blue Grama Grass characteristics
Silver Lining Desert Lavender characteristics
Hybrid Monkey Flowers characteristics
Deer Grass characteristics
Monterey Carpet Manzanita characteristics
Dark Star Ceanthus characteristics
Fremontia California Glory characteristics
California Fuchsia characteristics
Pacific Blue Sage characteristics
Safron Buckwheat characteristics
Margarita BOP Penstemon characteristics
Howard McMinn Manzanita characteristics
Spreading Gum Plant characteristics
Purple Three-awn characteristics
Allen Chickering Sage characteristics
Alkali Sacaton characteristics
Silver Beardgrass characteristics
Blue-eyed Grass characteristics