Pollination Station

Colony Collapse Disorder

The Number One Cause of Declining Pollinator Populations

Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD for short, is a phenomenon in which worker bees leave the hive abruptly, causing the entire hive to be destroyed. While it's not a new occurrence, these events have rapidly grown more frequent in recent years. Its implications are serious, because it has the potential to essentially decimate agricultural production rapidly and unexpectedly.

The ultimate cause of CCD remains inconclusive, but proposed explanations include: pesticides (primarily neonicotinoids), infections, malnutrition, pathogens, immunodeficiencies, or loss of habitat.

More research is being done to help solve the mystery of CCD, and updated information can be found on our More Info page.

Because of the presently inconclusive nature of CCD, our project is not directly concerned with it currently. We feel that the best way for us to make an impact is by educating people about pollinators and the seriousness of CCD, and help them by focusing on the spreading of native species and growing the popularity of beekeeping.