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Start a Hive

How to Get Your Very Own Hive Started and Producing Honey


Before getting too excited, it's wise to make note of the strict requirements for maintaining a manmade hive. The city of Santa Barbara is quite lenient on regulations, however the county requires a large radius from hive to any other property. In addition, all beekeepers must be registered with the county's Agricultural Commissioner's Office. That said, the SBBA (see our More Info Page) loves assisting qualified individuals and organizations in starting up their own hives.

Tools of the Trade

Beekeepers use 3 basic items to raise bees and maintain a hive:

  • A protective beekeeping suit with gloves and a mask
  • A smoker, which tricks the bees into eating a chunk of honey and sleeping
  • A bee box, which can be created with some simple carpentry or purchased