Pollination Station

Meet Us

Meet the 2014 Pollination Station Crew

Kendall Christensen


I am so excited to be leading The Pollination Station, and to be putting all of my knowledge from this year's environmental science class to use in order to make a difference in the real world. Bees and other pollinators are much more crucial to both our ecosystems and economy than many people realize, so bringing this issue to public attention is of utmost importance and urgency, and I am very glad to be doing so with the help of my classmates.

Hailey Simmons

Production Director

We are the voice of the project, creating physical and digital ways to reach the world and make our message heard: these bees need our help!

Jasmine Sanchez


I am a part of the production committee! Living in California, we have many farmers whose production depends on the bees so I feel the need to be a part of this project.

Zachary Parent


I am the tech expert in the production committee. I created the logo, fliers and even this website! The bees in our community are underappreciated and often draw the short straw. We are about to change all that!

Alida Siegel


I'm in the production committee, serving as our project's source of all things artistic. My background in the VADA program certainly comes in handy in our effort to save the bees!

Lindsey DePledge

Outreach Director

I hold close ties with many relevant leaders in our community, and am forming lots of new relationships through this project. Paul Cronshaw of SBBA is working closely with us to make our efforts worthwhile and effective.

Laine Fisher


I'm ASB President at SBHS and am putting my leadership skills to use in the outreach committee, as we get the whole community on board for this project.

David Zevallos


My name is David and I want to preserve the world by keeping bees safe and sound.

Emmanuel Gonzalez


I enjoy watering my flower garden and playing with cats. Bees are very important to me and my flowers.

Kai Zhang

Research Director

I am the head of research for our bee project. I think our project is really important in spreading awareness of the value of bees on our lives.

Adam Parker


We are fact-checking and making sure that our time is used wisely and effectively. Bee the change!

Antonia Becerra


For as long as I can remember, I've loved bees. Having the opportunity to help support not only Apis Mellifera, but other local pollinators is really special for me- perhaps even making up for my lack of space to keep a hive.

Amazing Grace Llanos

Marketing Director

Not only am I excited to be working with pollinators and the environment but am also excited to be working on the business aspect of this project with the Dons Net Cafe, an entrepreneurial program at SBHS!

Jordan Anguiano


Bees and pollinators in general are vital to our plant life. Without them, our agriculture will suffer greatly! The Pollination Station hopes to help solve this important issue.

Niki Freeland


I am a Junior at SBHS and an editor of the Forge newspaper. I am excited to be the press liaison for this year's project.

Jonathan Kim


I'm excited for this project because I believe the maintenance of our city's native pollinators is highly important. These native pollinators affect our local food supply and we need them to stick around.