Small Scale Food Production


GOOD NEWS! Our cool new course was approved by the Santa Barbara School District Board of Directors in the Spring of 2013: Student will now receive 5 units of elective credit ("UC Area G") per semester!

Small Scale Food Production gives kids a trully unique high school experience: no books, no paperwork, no "traditional class stuff"... instead, students learn by getting their hands dirty (student grades are based on their participation and practical demonstration of skills). Our kids maintain a large production garden, complete with row crops, native plant insectary, fruit trees and grapevines, chickens and bees (thanks to the SBBA!). All plants are produced or propagated on site in our professional production greenhouse complex, and leftover nursery capacity is provided to community groups and schools. Our students deliver regular orders of greens to the school cafeteria, and take their food home to enjoy with their families; they also provide native and edible plants to help support thoughtful landscaping on our school campus.

The class offers a challenging but fulfilling way to start the day, with some physical exercise and fresh air before the traditional school day begins. Students report a sense of physical calm, environmental connectedness, and a sense of pride in their unique and collaborative social atmosphere.

Unlike most classes on campus, this course is funded exclusively by private donations. To contribute, please contact Jose Caballero.








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