Trash Talk

Although SBHS is known for it’s beautiful architecture and design, the trash lying around campus ruins the building’s 18th-century Spanish-style aesthetic. Did you know that Santa Barbara High is the dirtiest high school campus in the Santa Barbara area, ranking below San Marcos and Dos Pueblos? Maybe you already knew, because maybe you’ve seen plastic wrappers and empty water bottles scattered around the school. But have no fear, the students of first period APES are here! Led by President Jodie Jacobs and committee chairs Ally Hodosy, Kylie Schmidt, Tess Francavilla, and Louisa Edwards, the students of first period APES created Trash Talk, an organization which encourages and enforces recycling by using school spirit to motivate students to be responsible about waste disposal. This includes hanging informative posters around campus and building a Don mascot out of recyclable materials for the APES Outreach Fair! Together, Dons can surpass both the Royals and the Chargers as the cleanest high school students in Santa Barbara. Dons are green, let’s be clean!