Dear Community Members,

Our Santa Barbara High School AP Environmental Science class has begun our final project, EviroVote. Our mission is to educate students of local and environmental issues to encourage participation and informed student voting. We need your help.

We Will:
Inform students at SBHS about the local environmental policies that are coming up in this years elections.
Get students more involved in voting by pre-registering and registering students that are 16 and older.
Host an Environmental Policy Panel at our school theater with local politicians who will discuss environmental issues affecting our community.
Encourage student participation by additionally hosting a conversation between students about what they think is important when considering politics and our environment.

Ways for you to contribute towards our goal:
Donations: Please send checks with your student and make them out to “SBHS.” With “Caballero” in the memo.
Have conversations about politics and local policies with your student.
Encourage your student to pre-register or register to vote.
Attend our Environmental Policy Panel on May 29th at 9:00 in our school theater and encourage others to come as well.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

With much gratitude,
Rosie Campbell- EnviroVote President
envirovote2018@gmail.com (805) 729-3483