Our AP environmental science class (APES) has begun our end of the year project, EnviroVote. In our class we brainstormed and came up with several ideas for actions we could take as a group to help our community. After discussing a few topics, we decided that informed voting would be the most timely issue to tackle, with upcoming elections in June and November. We are carrying out this vision by setting up registration and pre-registration booths for our fellow classmates. We are also visiting both elementary and high school classes and emphasizing the importance of educated voting. In addition to registration booths, we will be holding a panel on May 29th with local politicians to talk about the upcoming elections, including propositions 68 and 70 on the ballot, which focus in particular on water quality and emissions taxes. With the help of local organization the League of Women Voters, we have registered many students to vote at our school. We plan to continue encouraging young voters to participate in upcoming elections in June and November. We believe that by encouraging our peers to vote, the next generation of voters will be able to make informed decisions that impact our world in years to come.